Game-changing surface treatments and advanced ceramic composites for gas turbine and exhaust structures


Operating turbine temperatures are higher than ever as the aerospace industry strives for greater energy efficiency. From the late-stage compressor to the exhaust nozzle, temperatures are rising to match fuel efficiency, and alloy replacements are not only expensive but also difficult to prepare for flight readiness. Billions of dollars are being spent by OEMs and MRO independents to develop next-generation turbine components that are expected to provide decades of service, but the demand for increased temperatures is threatening the performance and durability of the currently-employed materials. Fuel efficiency improvements of 4% can be achieved by a 75°C increase in turbine inlet temperatures. This is key to achieving fuel efficiency challenges of today and tomorrow, including enabling long-haul commercial and cargo flights. In addition to emerging trends of increased combustion temperatures, alternative jet fuels (such as biofuels) are being considered which exasperate hot corrosion issues due to increased presence of impurities. Thus, now more than ever, surface engineering and high-temperature materials are playing a vital role in the advancement of the aerospace industry.


ATFI’s core technology and its versatile products enable dramatic advancements in turbine engine efficiency and exhaust structure durability. Our ultra-thin film coating is ideally suited for high-temperature alloys and over 60% of ATFI’s R&D has been focused on aerospace applications. In working with engine OEMs and MRO service providers, ATFI validated performance of several key components in the engine including superalloys, overlay coatings, and thermal barrier coatings. Additionally, our bulk Cerablak® Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) materials and our Cerablak® sealants for emerging SiC-based CMCs (targeted for > 2700°F performance) find utility in turbine hot section and exhaust, as well as leading edge/acreage thermal protection system (TPS) applications.


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