Metallic thermal protection systems need high emissivity materials to block radiative heating. Cerablak® high emissivity coatings provide aare durable, and stable to high temperatures and high vacuum environments. Additionally high emissivity ceramic composites have been developed as structural insulators.  Demonstrated performance includes NASA Hot Gas Rig Testing demonstrated survivability of the emissivity coating after Mach 1 wind, and 6 cycles of 2000F heating! Combined acoustic environmental chamber testing has demonstrated the coating survivability under simulated hypersonic flight.


  • High emissivity coatings
  • Structural Insulators for TPS and missile airframe components

Radiation Control
Space cooling systems need high emissivity surfaces to transfer heat, and many components need thermal control coatings that provide durable emissivity performance.

  • High emissivity coatings for metallic nozzles

Space Solar
Cerablak® coatings are used to protect solar cells from harmful effects of space, including atomic oxygen and radiation.Cerablak® coated solar cells are on the ISS for LEO testing!

  • Encapsulant for space solar cells
  • Dielectric barrier for solar substrates

Turbine engine protection
The high temperatures and harsh combustion environments require robust materials.  Cerablak® coatings extend the lifetime of porous TBC systems by protecting against microstructural change due to temperature and corrosive environments.  Additionally, Cerablak® UTF protects metallic components against oxidative corrosion and increases operational lifetimes.

  • CMAS mitigation for TBCs
  • Oxidation protection of metals

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